IT'S A PASSION THING : Bassem & Madhi - The Chocolatine Bakery

We’re all about passion. Discover the shared passion and dedication of artisans, showing how they mirror Bardinet brand’s values in the day-to-day running of their own businesses.

Bassem & Madhi - The Chocolatine Bakery

At Bardinet, we are all passionate, and this same passion is embodied by Bassem and Madhi, the dynamic partnership behind The Chocolatine Bakery, a true jewel nestled in the village of Walthamstow, East London. Discover Bassem, having trained and worked in prominent bakeries throughout his career, arrived in London from Paris to embark on this extraordinary venture.



For Bassem and Madhi, each day begins at the crack of dawn, as they immerse themselves in the slow and meticulous creation of their remarkable organic sourdough breads, baguettes, pastries, and tantalizing chocolatines. While many bakeries opt for additives and machinery to streamline their processes, Bassem fundamentally believes in the art of natural and slow fermentation, resulting in the freshest, lightest, and simply delicious bread.


France has always been renowned for its exquisite, freshly baked bread, while the UK has been accustomed to a more mass-produced bread culture. Bassem, driven by his passion, is determined to change that. Apart from his dedication to Chocolatine, he also devotes time to training aspiring young bakers, imparting the techniques and expertise of the traditional French baking style.


Bassem and Madhi's unwavering commitment to their craft, their relentless pursuit of perfection, and their passion for preserving and sharing the art of French baking make them true inspirations. They are not only elevating the culinary scene of Walthamstow but also contributing to a wider movement of reviving the appreciation for authentic, handmade bread.


At Bardinet, we are honored to celebrate their passion and dedication as they continue to enchant taste buds and spread the joy of exceptional baked goods throughout the community.



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