Dégustation Bardinet Brandy
Dégustation Bardinet Brandy

The Making of Bardinet

Made in France for more than a century, by a dedicated team ensuring the highest quality.

A Century Old Savoir-Faire


Established in 1857, Bardinet House owns an historic know-how in the art of making brandy. As one of the oldest brand, the prestigious Bardinet House helds a treasured technique and aged eaux-de-vie in its own cellar in the purest tradition.


The passion and talent of our cellar master are at the heart of Bardinet brandies exceptional quality. Rigorously selecting the eaux-de-vie, traditionally ageing in oak cask and ensuring a perfect blending, Bardinet offers brandy of outstanding and consistent quality with an exceptional aromatic balance.

Savoir faire brandy


It all begins with grapes. Crushed and fermented, they are then distilled to create our eaux-de-vie.

Grappe de raisons - Bardinet Brandy


By using column stills and continuous distillation, our eaux-de-vie reveal a softer, more aromatic profile. Perfect for creating a versatile brandy, to be enjoyed by all.

Bardinet-Brandy Today making



At our home in France on the Domaine de Fleurenne estate, our distilled eaux-de-vies begin their expert maturation in oak barrels.

Over time, Bardinet's unique characteristics begin to develop: softness, roundness and intensity.

Dégustation Bardinet-Brandy



Once matured, the art of blending commences.

Our Bardinet's cellar master, Bénédicte Bertet, and her expert team work to create our signature taste, skilfully maintaining Bardinet’s aromatic balance and consistency.


A brandy expertly made with a passion for quality and a supreme talent for blending.

Brandy blend

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