Préparation des futs - Bardinet-Brandy
Préparation des futs - Bardinet-Brandy


Following the finest French traditions, Bardinet brandy begins with grapes. Crushed, fermented and then distilled in a column still, they create its aromatic eaux-de-vie.
WBrandyA21 WB Gold - Bardinet-Brandy
Bouteille VOSP - Bardinet-Brandy
The Brandy MASTERS GOLD 2020 - Bardinet Brandy
Patiently matured in oak casks, this bright amber brandy reveals a delicately mellow taste.
Bouteille XO - Bardinet-Brandy
Amber in colour, this brandy is expertly matured for even longer, to create its smooth, balanced taste.
Bardinet Brandy Single Distillery
Crafted in traditional pot stills at a unique location, this brandy boasts a beautifully rich and fruity flavour.

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